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Arm lift treatment explained

Arm a lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure carried out to remove excess skin and tissue from the under arms resulting in a more tight and firm appearance.

Excess skin that is soft and loose around the arms is usually caused by pregnancy, significant weight loss or aging. In addition to physical discomforts, excess skin can also have an emotional impact on some people, making them feel dissatisfied and less confident about their appearance.

It’s normal for skin to stretch and lose shape as you put on weight. For many people, the pleasures of losing weight and getting back into better physical condition is overshadowed by the excess skin left behind. As skin stretches it will lose elasticity, and the ability to regain its old form will become more difficult.

If you’re feeling concerned about excess skin around the arms then arm lift surgery might the procedure for you.

Why have arm lift surgery?

Benefits of arm and thigh lift surgery:

  • Create a better proportioned figure
  • Gain a more youthful appearance
  • Wear the clothes you like and be more comfortably in them
  • Improve the feel and appearance of skin

Reasons for having arm and thigh lift surgery:

  • Loose skin under the arms
  • Excessive wrinkles and creases
  • Excess skin is restricting mobility

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