If fat is removed through liposuction, will it reappear?

It’s little surprise that liposuction is one of the most popular treatments carried out in the UK today. The results are almost instantaneous and the medical technique highly sophisticated and targeted to remove unwanted, stubborn, fatty build-up, in difficult areas.

For a lot of people liposuction is the final step in the journey to achieve the ideal figure. Even some of the fittest and most active people will consider liposuction when trying to remove pockets of fat that develops over time, which won’t go away through traditional dieting or exercise.

Apart from the desired physical improvements that can be achieved through liposuction, a lot of patients want to know if fat will return after the treatment and how easy it will be to maintain the results achieved through the procedure.

Does Liposuction permanently remove fat?

There are many different liposuction techniques used to remove unwanted fat. Whatever technique used to treat you, they all work in the same way to achieve the same results. Generally speaking, the fat removed from your body is permanent which is why the results that are achieved though liposuction can be achieved at all. Having said that, to maintain the look gained because of liposuction may require self-discipline and effort to sustain in the long run.

Will fat return?    

Liposuction, as previously mentioned does remove fat from the body. The fat removed is removed for good, however, genetically we’re programmed to store excess energy as fat. This means, unfortunately, after your procedure, it is possible to put fat back on if you’re not careful. If you start to consume more calories than you need, and you are not active, fat will begin to develop, and the improvements gained through liposuction may be lost.

Having the discipline to manage your weight will play a huge role in ensuring the longevity of the results achieved through your treatment.

Some weight gain after the procedure may not significantly impact your figure. Generally, weight gained after the procedure is evenly spread throughout the body. In some cases, the treated areas put on less fat than the rest of the body meaning, despite putting on some weight, the aesthetic improvements are maintained.

How to keep and maintain liposuction results?

The best way to keep and maintain the results of your procedure is to know what your ideal weight is and try to maintain that for as long as possible. Having a physical measurement, like weight, to use as a guide, can help maintain your physical appearance.

Maintaining body fat will be easier for some people than others. Here are a few suggestions that can help to maintain the results of your treatment.

  1. Speak to your surgeon or doctor and follow their instructions on how to maintain the results
  2. Watch your calorie intake and maintain a healthy diet
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Eat less but more frequently
  5. Don’t starve yourself. Eat several smaller meals rather than a few big ones
  6. Do your regular exercises.

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on March 17, 2018

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