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What to Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

The average hair transplant cost in Turkey differs greatly from the UK which has led to it becoming a fairly popular destination for those looking to recapture their former hairline. While an operation here at home could cost upwards of £30,000 or more, the same cosmetic surgery in Turkey could cost as little as £1,300 to £2,000.

If you’ve been looking for a Turkey hair transplant clinic, there are a few things you ought to consider. We’ve put this piece together for you which will hopefully help you to find the right hair transplant centre in Turkey and get you back on track with a more youthful, healthy and ultimately full head of hair.

What Makes Someone the Best Hair Surgeon?

When looking to find the best hair transplant centre in Turkey there are several things you’ll want to keep an eye out for. The very first thing you’ll want to seek out is accreditation. If you start out by looking for a Turkey hair transplant clinic that follows government certifications then you’ll soon narrow down your choices. By ensuring that you undergo treatment at a hair transplant centre in Turkey that’s certified you can rest assured knowing that you’re visiting somewhere with a high quality of medical care.

Hair Transplant Surgery

The next thing you’ll want to check is whether or not they’re operating in surgery rooms. Despite the fact that a hair transplant is a fairly low-risk procedure there are still some risks involved. For this reason, sterilized operation rooms should be a necessity, as opposed to a simple clinic room.

Also, in today’s modern world we have the entire planet at our fingertips, so why not give a place you’re looking at a quick Google? At the end of the day, what’s going to be a better indicator of quality than the reviews of previous patients? It goes without saying that any hair transplant centre in Turkey worth visiting will have a huge stream of positive reviews, so why not take a look and judge for yourself?

Finally, one of the best and most obvious steps to take is simply to check out your chosen surgeon’s before and after pictures. The vast majority of hair transplant clinics will have their results up and on show on their website, so you can make an informed decision yourself. If they don’t have any before and after pictures on show, then you can take this as a sign that they’re either hiding something or they simply don’t have much in the way of experience.

Ultimately there will be hundreds of options to choose from when looking for a Turkey hair transplant clinic, but if you start eliminating them one by one as per this list, you’re sure to settle on the right one for you in no time at all.

What Makes the Best Hair Transplant?

There are two main types of hair transplant procedures at your disposal: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). As with most things which one of these will make for the best hair transplant will differ from patient to patient, depending on individual needs, but you’ll be able to get help from your physician in working out which one is the one for you.

When using the FUT technique, the physician first takes a strip of skin and its hair follicles from a donor site, usually the back of the head, before then separating small groups of tissue which contain hair follicles and preparing it to be transplanted. While doing this, miniscule holes are poked into the area of the scalp that feature the thinning or balding hair, and the aforementioned grafts are then placed one by one into the holes.

When first developed over 20 years ago, the FUT technique was nothing short of revolutionary. This isn’t to say there aren’t some drawbacks to the procedure, however. Besides the procedure itself being long and drawn-out, there will often be no way of avoiding a large horizontal scar at the back of the head where the graft was taken. The incision will be very prominent during the healing process and will need to be cared for while recovering.

With the FUE method, many of these drawbacks have been addressed. While hair follicles are still collected from an area such as the back of the head, there is no longer a need to remove any tissue. Instead, the hair follicles are gathered directly from the scalp and inserted directly into the recipient area of the scalp via small incisions. While this technique takes longer than the already lengthy FUT procedure, it will nevertheless eliminate the need for any scarring or advanced wound care, while also reducing any discomfort and downtime following the procedure.

Again, which procedure is the best for you will come down to you and your physician, but always be sure to consult a medical professional before deciding to undergo treatment.

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on February 28, 2020

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