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Astra Dent has a network of 9 dental clinics across Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, and has more than 100 experienced doctors providing service that meets the highest European standards. For 12 years Astra Dent has been taking care of your smiles!
Astra Dent’s team of specialists provide a full range of services in the field of dental medicine. Highly qualified doctors, modern equipment and exclusively certified products, together with dedicated patient care, makes Astra Dent the No. 1 dental network in Kiev.


  • All-on-4 from £3311
  • Apicoectomy from £119
  • Bone Augmentation from £149
  • Bone Graft from £518
  • Braces from £266
  • Bruxism Treatment from £126
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Enquire
  • Custom Mouthguard from £266
  • Dental Bonding from £87
  • Dental Crown from £190
  • Dental CT Scan from £16
  • Dental Implant from £208
  • Dental Implant Bars from £914
  • Dental Impression from £11
  • Dental Post and Core from £36
  • Dental X-Rays from £3
  • Dentin Hypersensitivity Treatment from £3
  • Dentistry Consultation Enquire
  • Denture from £163
  • Digital Smile Design from £102
  • Fluoride Application from £3
  • Frenectomy from £43
  • Gingivectomy from £43
  • Gingivoplasty from £43
  • Gum Tissue Graft from £266
  • Impacted Tooth Extraction from £72
  • Implant-Supported Dental Bridge from £915
  • Implant-Supported Overdenture from £801
  • Inlays/Onlays from £149
  • Invisalign from £2615
  • Laser Treatment for Gum Disease from £89
  • Lingual Braces from £4295
  • Mini Dental Implant from £119
  • Orthodontics Consultation from £5
  • Pediatric Dentistry from £27
  • Periodontal Scaling from £55
  • Periodontal Surgery from £45
  • Pulpotomy from £67
  • Recessed Gum Treatment from £275
  • Retainer from £39
  • Root Canal from £86
  • Root Canal Consultation Enquire
  • Scaling and Root Planing from £64
  • Sinus Lift from £292
  • Teeth Cleaning from £25
  • Teeth Polishing from £16
  • Teeth Splinting from £14
  • Teeth Whitening from £122
  • Temporary Dentistry from £30
  • Tooth Abscess Drainage from £12
  • Tooth Extraction from £37
  • Tooth Filling from £40
  • Tooth Jewelry from £12
  • Tooth Reshaping from £41
  • Tooth Sealant from £41
  • Veneers from £225
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £72


  • Airport pickup
  • Free Wifi
  • Health insurance coordination
  • Hotel booking
  • Interpreter services
  • Local tourism options
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Personal assistance / Concierge
  • Translation services

our staff

| Akopian Artur
    Work experience: 17 years

| Korzhova Khrystyna

    Work experience: 19 years

| Alatkin Euvgen
    Work experience: 11 years
| Baida Nataliia

    Work experience: 15 years


  • Communication
  • Facilities
  • Friendliness
  • Location
  • Value
Stephen Green, UK

Professional and friendly staff, and highly recomm

October 2019 |

Great service and excellent work being done at a fraction of the UK price. I had six implants on the bottom row, with work completed in just over an hour. I chose this clinic after reading reviews on WhatClinic. Professional and friendly staff, and highly recommended by me.

Jadwiga Filanowska, UK

The experience was top class

September 2019 |

We went to Astra clinic for implants procedure. The staff were really professional and friendly. We were helped with absolutely everything by Kateryna. She even helped us with the hotel and assisted us in the clinic all the time. The experience was top class and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you and see you soon.

Arthur Laskovs, Republic of Ireland

I'm satisfied with the service and staff

April 2019 |

Awesome, recommend to anyone who needs implant surgery. I'm satisfied with the service and staff.

They have done great work I had no medical issues after I got 3 implants. I came all way down from Ireland to Ukraine, it was a great experience what a lovely country.

Jordanas Povilionis, UK

The job was done really well

March 2019 |

All-on-4. The job was done really well and it's 3x cheaper than in the UK. Time keeping could be better but didn’t made any difference to me. That was my treatment part one, looking forward to seeing the finished results.


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Kateryna Skuratovska

International Patient Coordinator

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Astra Dent G. Kirpy 5, Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine

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