Reasons to have private medical treatment?

There are many reason why some people choose to have their treatment at a private hospital or clinic. Going private can save time by avoiding long waiting lists that are typically associated with state run healthcare service. Time can be particularly crucial for more urgent procedures. Private clinics also give patients an opportunity to get a second opinion and a review of their personal circumstance, which helps to reinforce that the decisions being taken are in the best interest of the patient.

A lot of people, either through their employer or through self-funding, have private health insurance. For a lot of people in this position, vital medical treatments can be carried out privately at no extra cost. This gives patients extra options to choose a path that best fits their needs. The extent of the cover will vary from policy to policy, but before committing to any private treatment it is recommended that the insurer is consulted, and payments are approved.

The private health sector and state-run health services like the NHS may be separate systems of health provision, but it’s not that unusual for them to work together to provide the best possible service. In some cases, private hospitals may be contracted by local health trusts to carry out procedures on NHS patients.

Depending on the urgency and the cost of the treatment needed, patients in the UK and around Europe can opt to go abroad for vital medical treatments. The treatments can be carried out in private hospitals and are fully, or partly, funded by the local healthcare trust. For example, A patient waiting to have surgery on the NHS may find that a private hospital in Belgium can carry out the procedure quicker, at a cost that is less than or equivalent to what is costs the NHS.  In this scenario the patient could be eligible to go abroad for treatment.

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There are certain treatments where you have no choice but to go private if you really want it. Usually you would not expect the NHS or health insurers to cover the cost of non-essential, elective, procedure like cosmetic surgery. If the procedure doesn’t contribute to improving the quality of life it is deemed an elective procedure and is excluded from state run healthcare services. If you’re determined to have a non-essential treatment you will need to go private and pay for it yourself.

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Going private gives you:

  • Faster access to treatment.
  • A choice of when you want to be treated.
  • A choice of where to receive treatment.
  • A choice of consultant or private specialist
  • Sometimes, access to treatments that may not be available on the NHS

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