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Medical travel to Poland

Travelling to Poland for medical services has become increasingly common in recent years. The popularity of Poland as a medical travel destination can be partly attributed to its membership to the European Union which brought with it many new opportunities that were not available outside of the single market. Being a part of the single market meant there was a significant focus on Poland’s ability to provide high quality healthcare and medical services at a lower cost than most western European healthcare providers.

In addition to providing the highest standards of healthcare, the increase in popularity of Poland as a holiday destination saw more people traveling there from all across Europe.

About Poland

Poland is a central European country boarding Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. It joined the EU in 2004 and has experienced significant economic growth since its accession to the single market.  Currently Poland is the EU’s fasting growing economy with a GDP of 70% of the EU average, up from 50% prior to membership with the EU.

It is also a member of the Schengen area.

With a population of 38.5 million people it is the six most populous country in the EU. Poland’s capital and most populated city is Warsaw which is estimated to have 1.7 million inhabitancies, making it the 9th largest city in Europe.

Warsaw was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and was commonly referred to as the Paris of the East until WW2. It is also a significant centre for polish research and development, science, technology and media.

Poland healthcare system

Healthcare and medical services in Poland are available in some of the best equipped hospitals and clinics in world, comparable with the standards of western European countries. Many of these care facilities are state run, but there are some private care providers which specialise in medical travel.

Polish medical institutions are certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and are recognized by the EU and other international agents. ISO, Trent Accreditation Scheme or TAS from the UK and the European Society for Quality in Healthcare are some of the International accreditations awarded to Polish medical institutions.

There is a very specific focus on the education of healthcare providers in Poland. Medical doctors, as well as dentists, are required to do at least one-year internship before they are eligible to take their national exams. Only when the national medical exam is passed can a medical or dental licence be issued to a doctor.

All medical professionals a required to register with the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Poland to practice. Additionally, a compulsory post graduate system was introduced, and is based on the Continuous Professional Development system currently in use by prominent European nations.

Popular treatments in Poland

Bariatric (weight Loss) Surgery:

The results of such a procedure can be positive. Not only will you notice a significant drop in weight, but you should see a general improvement in disorders associated with obesity like blood pressure and diabetes.

Cosmetic Surgery:

A broad field of medicine, cosmetic surgery can be carried out to change and improve a variety of conditions on a number of different parts of the body, including the face, body and breasts.


One of the most popular treatments carried out in Poland, dentistry can be one of the most straightforward treatments to have abroad.


Couples that have been trying to get pregnant for a significant period of time but haven’t succeeded may consider having fertility treatment. The rate of success will vary depending on the cause of the problem and the treatments available.

Hair Loss Treatment:

Baldness is a very common problem of a lot of men. Implant treatments abroad are very popular due to the significant cost savings available to patients.

Laser Eye Surgery:

By altering the shape of the cornea to adjust the way light enters the eye, it’s possible to correct visual imperfections like short sight, long sight and astigmatism.


Eye care is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not matter the age. Cataracts, retina treatments and corneal diseases are some of the conditions that can be treated by your ophthalmologist.                

Traveling to Poland for treatment

Poland is a two-and-a-half-hour flight from London. Each year there is an estimated 500,000 British nationals visiting Poland, and thanks to several low-cost flight operators, there are many regular flights between the two countries.

While in Poland if you need emergency assistance you may contact the nearest British embassy for support. If you’re a dual national, Polish and British, the British embassy may only be able to offer limited support.

Be sure to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel. Although this type of insurance won’t help with the cost of your medical travel or any complications that may occur, it can be extremely useful when, and if, you’re confronted with and unexpected situation while out there.

Find the right care provider

The best way to find the right care provider is to contact them directly and have them answer your questions. Get in touch with multiple care providers if you must to compare services offered and ensure the best decision for you is made.

Meeting consultants, in person or over a telephone conference before your procedure is also very important. Do not be afraid to ask some probing questions about the doctor, consultant and the hospital or clinic.

Here are some questions you may consider asking:

  • What experience do you have in this area of medicine?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • When did you receive training?
  • Where were you trained?
  • How much experience do they have on the specific treatment or surgery you need?
  • Can they provide any statistics on post operation complications?
  • Can they provide testimonials and allow you to contact past patients?
  • How much does the consultation cost?
  • How much does the procedure cost?
  • What payment options are available to you?
  • What is their cancellation policy in case you are not able to go ahead with the procedure?
  • What is the patient satisfaction score?
  • Are the hospital return to theatre rates published?
  • What are the accreditation standards the hospital or clinic meets?
  • What after care support services are available?
  • What cost implications are their if there are complications with the procedure?

How can we help you?

At Mhc, we encourage informed decision making when it comes to healthcare. Quite often it can be difficult to find the information you need or trust the reliability of sources providing the information. Although we don’t give any healthcare advice or recommendations, we strive to breaks downs barriers and strengthen communication with medical experts who can help.

Finding your care provide:

Search our database of healthcare providers in Poland and contact them directly for information on the treatment you’re interested in. Alternatively tell us what you’re looking for through our contact form and we’ll find the appropriate care providers and get them to give information about treatments and their services.

Contacting and communicating with your care provider:

If you’re satisfied with the information you receive and want to continue the conversation, we can help arrange a call or an online consultation to discuss your needs and the available treatment options in more detail.

Booking your treatment:

Once you’re happy to proceed with the treatment, we can work with you and the care provider to confirm an appointment for you to go in for treatment.

Coordination and logistics of having treatment:

Working with the care provider, or using our own logistical resources, we can help to plan and schedule your trip.

Tell us what you’re looking for:

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