CoolSculpting, Fat freezing, Cryolipolysis

Coolsculpting, the innovative fat freezing body contouring procedure

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary treatment for the removal of fat. For over 20 years we’ve looked for a way to remove fat without surgery no needles no knives. Finally, it’s here! In the last 2 years 1.4 million treatments have been done with coolscultping.

How does it work?  We target specific areas that we know when we remove the fat from the area it will improve the body shape.

The device attaches to the area of fat and sucks it in, so you feel a little bit of suction and a little bit of pulling for about 30 seconds or a minute. Per area that we treat takes about one hour. Usually people come in and have 2 or 3 areas treated at once. The skin is a bit numb afterwards but the only tissues that are damaged are the fat cells. On average we think we get around 40% reduce in fat in areas treated. This is pretty remarkable when you say an aggressive liposuction treat will only be 50 to 60%. So although we’re not reaching those limits neither do we have the compression garments, the recovery time or risk of infections and all those other things that come with liposuction.

Key Coolsculpting facts:

  • Double treatments get  results of up to 40% fat removal
  • Walk in, walk out procedure
  • Permanently reduce muffin tops, Inner thigh, love handles and bingo wings