Find a GP near me

If you are trying to find a GP in your area then you have come to the right place. Although we do not have a database of GPs in the UK for you to access through MHC, we can certainly give direction to help you find your local GP surgery.

Find a GP in your area

NHS England

To find a GP practice near you, in England, follow this link to the NHS England directory page.

NHS Northern Ireland

To find a GP practice near you, in Northern Ireland, follow this link to the NHS Northern Ireland.

NHS Scotland

To find a GP practice near you, in Scotland, follow this link to the NHS Scotland directory page.

NHS Wales

To find a GP practice near you, in Wales, follow this link to the NHS wales directory page.

Want to transfer to a new GP surgery?

If you are considering changing your GP, just reach out to the surgery you want to join and ask them to register you as a new patient. You will be asked to fill in a new patient’s registration form to start the process. Once the application is submitted your existing GP will be contacted and your medical history and records will be transferred to the new GP surgery, completing the registration.

Many people choose to change practices because they:

  • Have relocated to a new area
  • Are no longer within a reasonable distance of the surgery, falling just outside the catchment area of the practice
  • Experienced problems with their current GP
  • Have been removed from the patient list.

There may be many reasons why you choose to change your GP, but when leaving or joining a new GP surgery it is not necessary to give a reason or excuse to justify the request to transfer from one surgery to another.

Are you new to an area and need to find your nearest GP?

Moving to a new area can often be a difficult process, acclimatisation and familiarisation with your new surroundings can be a daunting experience. Nevertheless, one thing that should never be neglected is to find and register with a GP surgery.

You have the right to choose the GP surgery you want to register with and the GP practice must accept, unless a reasonable explanation can be given to refuse you.

A GP has the right to refuse a patient’s registration if:

  • It has no capacity to take on new patients
  • The patient lives outside of the surgery’s designated practice boundary

Registering with a GP

GPs are made up of a team of healthcare professionals which include doctors, nurses, healthcare assistance and many other staff to run and maintain the practice. Collectively, GP surgeries must deal with a wide variety of health-related issues like educating their patients, provide advice on dieting and smoking, carry out blood test and small operation.

Problems that GPs are not equipped to deal with are usually referred to local hospitals where specialist medical staff can analyse, asses and treat patients more effectively.

Services that are available at any GP practice or surgery can also vary. This information should be made available to patients through surgery leaflets. If it is not made clear to you then ask a member of staff to provide this information.

The GP registration process:

  • Find the GP you like
  • fill in and submit you completed registration form with them
  • Some GP practices may request ID to complete registration, especially if children are involved
  • After returning the form to the practice, the NHS will transfer your records
  • You receive a confirmation letter from your new GP, welcoming you to the practice.