Hair Transplant Poland

Hair transplant surgery in Poland

Hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure which works by extracting hairs you already have and implanting them to areas of the head that are either thinning or have no hair. Hair, or lack of hair, is a prominent feature of the face and one of the first things anyone is going to notice. Regaining hair with a hair transplant is the kind of thing that’ll massively alter the way you look, and the way others perceive.

Poland hair transplant clinics


Katowice, Poland – Hair Transplantation

Dr Turowski Hair

Dr Turowski is a leading hair transplantation clinic in Poland which provides both manual FUE and robotic ARTAS methods of treatment. They offer therapies in thinning treatments and hair transplantation procedure.

Cost of hair transplant surgery in Poland

The cost of hair transplant surgery is difficult to say because the procedure is pretty much customised for each patient. There are many factors that affect cost including, but not limited to, the extent of the procedure, how many follicles need to be implanted, where the treatment is carried out and whether additional treatment will be requires achieving the desired outcome.

Grafting 1200 to 3000 follicles can cost in the range of £5,000 to £9,000 in the UK. For an accurate estimate you’ll need to arrange a consultation with a surgeon who can assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Cost of hair transplant surgery in Poland could save you up to 50%, compared to the average UK price.

Medical Tourism Poland

Travelling to Poland for medical services has become increasingly common in recent years. The popularity of Poland as a medical tourism destination can be partly attributed to its membership to the European Union which brought with it many new opportunities that were not available outside of the single market. Being a part of the single market meant there was a significant focus on Poland’s ability to provide high quality healthcare and medical services at a lower cost than most western European healthcare providers.

In addition to providing the highest standards of healthcare, the increase in popularity of Poland as a holiday destination saw more people traveling there from all across Europe.

About Poland

Poland is a central European country boarding Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. It joined the EU in 2004 and has experienced significant economic growth since its accession to the single market.  Currently Poland is the EU’s fasting growing economy with a GDP of 70% of the EU average, up from 50% prior to membership with the EU.

It is also a member of the Schengen area.

With a population of 38.5 million people it is the six most populous country in the EU. Poland’s capital and most populated city is Warsaw which is estimated to have 1.7 million inhabitancies, making it the 9th largest city in Europe.

Warsaw was once considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and was commonly referred to as the Paris of the East until WW2. It is also a significant centre for polish research and development, science, technology and media.

Poland healthcare system

Healthcare and medical services in Poland are available in some of the best equipped hospitals and clinics in world, comparable with the standards of western European countries. Many of these care facilities are state run, but there are some private care providers which specialise in medical travel.

Polish medical institutions are certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and are recognised by the EU and other international agents. ISO, Trent Accreditation Scheme or TAS from the UK and the European Society for Quality in Healthcare are some of the International accreditation awarded to Polish medical institutions.

There is a very specific focus on the education of healthcare providers in Poland. Medical doctors, as well as dentists, are required to do at least one-year internship before they are eligible to take their national exams. Only when the national medical exam is passed can a medical or dental licence be issued to a doctor.

All medical professionals a required to register with the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Poland to practice. Additionally, a compulsory post graduate system was introduced, and is based on the Continuous Professional Development system currently in use by prominent European nations.

Travelling to Poland for hair transplant surgery

Poland is a two-and-a-half-hour flight from London. Each year there is an estimated 500,000 British nationals visiting Poland, and thanks to several low-cost flight operators, there are many regular flights between the two countries.

While in Poland if you need emergency assistance you may contact the nearest British embassy for support. If you’re a dual national, Polish and British, the British embassy may only be able to offer limited support.

Be sure to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel. Although this type of insurance won’t help with the cost of your medical travel or any complications that may occur, it can be extremely useful when, and if, you’re confronted with and unexpected situation while out there.