How it Works

1 - Start searching

Our easy to use portal gives you many simple, yet effective, ways to search for clinics. Using simple filters such as treatment type and location we will present care providers who may be able to assist you with your needs. Carefully review the information provided by the clinics in their profiles and when you are ready, simply complete one of our enquiry forms to start a conversation with an adviser at the clinic of your choice.

2 - Submit your enquiry

Throughout the ClinicWise portal you'll find numerous links and buttons to access our enquiry form where you can submit your treatment enquiry. You will be asked to provide details about yourself, the treatment you're interested in, and asked to submit documents such as images, medical records and test results that you may have. We purposefully encourage patients to provide as much information as possible so doctors can evaluate the case and propose a relevant treatment plan.

3 - Enquiry management 

As part of your enquiry submission you will be required to create a patient account. This is where your enquiry details will be stored securely and where you will be able to manage the communication between yourself and the hospital or clinic. If additional information is required for the patient evaluation, you will be notified and submissions of additional information and documents will be possible within your account.  

4 - Connect with care providers

Once the enquiry is delivered to your care provider of choice, they will contact you directly to discuss your case in more detail. The communication may be via email, phone or WhatsApp. Email communication will be through the email address provided at the time of enquiry, however a record of this communication will also be available in your patient account.

5 - Your personal case manager

At ClinicWise we will be available to provide assistance if you're having trouble finding or communicating with care providers. You can contact us for further assistance at Alternatively, in your patient account you can leave your case manager a message and they will return to you as soon as possible.

6 - Book appointment

Once you are happy with your choice of treatment and care provider you will need to agree on an appointment date with the hospital or clinic. Depending on the clinic, they may request a deposit, or with some international providers, instead of a deposit they may request to see proof of flight booking to confirm your appointment.

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