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Laser Eye Surgery in London

Laser eye surgery is a procedure designed to correct vision with the use of lasers. It works by altering the shape of the cornea to adjust the way light enters the eye. As a result of this procedure, it’s possible to correct visual imperfections like short-sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism.

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Improve your sight & gain clearer vision

Be less reliant on contact lenses & glasses

Improve your self-confidence & become more active

Save money on glasses and contact lenses

Laser Eye Surgery FAQs

You will not feel any pain through the whole procedure.  Post surgery recovery is also very quick and easy for most of the procedures, with very little, if any, pain experienced.  This will be discussed in length at your free consultation.

Generally advise not to do any exercise for the first week after surgery.  From the second week you can start to do gentle exercises but please avoid any strenuous exercises until at least the 4th week.

Laser Eye Surgery takes up to 15 minutes in total to treat both eyes.  Consultation  can take around 1.5 hours on average and you will be in the clinic on the surgery day for around 2-3 hours.

Minimum age is 18 and the maximum age is 70. To give a more definitive answer your consultant would need to see your full glasses prescription and assess the condition of the eye.

You can usually go back to work the next day. Some patients may need three days off and occasionally up to a week. Please speak to your practitioner regarding recovery time that is necessary for you.

Some people can start driving as soon as the next day, after you have been assessed by your consultant and given the all clear to drive. As always, you should still only ever drive if you feel ready and only after you have been given the all clear. Some patients recover slower than others, and may take a few more days to heal. A definitive answer to when you will be able to drive can only be provided after your treatment by your consultant.

you will most likely be eligible for laser eye surgery if you are in good health, have healthy eyes and can see well with glasses.

Laser eye surgery is a permanent correction, however it will not eliminate the age-related requirement for reading glasses in later life.

This will depend on your present level of vision. In many cases, patients describe a dramatic improvement in their overall vision after surgery.

A very large majority of patients no longer require glasses or contact lenses to see clearly . The remainder should benefit from a reduction in prescription strength. Satisfaction levels are very high.

Why Laser Eye Surgery in London?

London is the largest and most populous city in the UK, home to over 8 million people. As a result, anyone looking for laser eye surgery has plenty of options when it comes to choosing a hospital or clinic. With great transport links from across the UK, services in London are easily accessible for many people.

Laser eye surgery is an extremely popular procedure that was developed in the early 80’s. Since its invention, laser eye surgery has been carried out on millions of people globally, with the number continuing to grow.

Some people choose laser eye surgery to: 

  • Improve their vision
  • Not use contact lenses or glasses
  • No longer deal with the ongoing cost of buying glasses
  • Be more active
  • Feel more confident

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