Healthcare Customer Generation

Improvements in technology and standards have made many healthcare services more affordable, accessible and attractive to a lot of customers, and has served to significantly increase demand for health-related products like cosmetic surgery, non-surgical and aesthetic procedures, laser eye correction, weight loss and fertility care.

Along with technological advances that have improved the overall care provided to patients, technological developments in online and communication technologies have created new opportunities for companies operating in this sector to promote their services and engage with prospects more effectively.

However, the purchasing cycle is often much longer than other sectors because healthcare prospects have far more factors to consider before buying a service. A lot of people looking for treatment tend to start by doing their own research to educate themselves way in advance of making a purchase. This means a more attentive and organised approach is needed for when a prospect is ready to reach out and start a conversation.

Customer Acquisition

Prospect Enquiry

Opt in to receive enquiries submitted by prospects through our request for information service. Enquiries that are received through this channel are reviewed and matched with care providers based on geographic location and treatment demanded by prospect.

Service Comparison

When a prospect submits an enquiry they are given the option to send their enquiry to up to three care providers that match their treatment criteria. Like prospect enquiries, comparison enquiries are matched based on geographic location and treatment.

To activate this service, let us know which treatments and geographic locations you’re interested in and, if you have limited capacity or budget, let us know the maximum monthly enquiries you can accept. This service is operated on a Cost Per Enquiry (CPE) basis.

Joint Campaigns

Sponsor a one of our landing pages as we run advanced marketing campaigns across a mixture of online marketing channels, including social media, search, email, partnerships and more. Each landing page will feature up to three care providers at a time. All acquired enquires will be assigned to all the featured care providers on the page at the time of enquiry.

Individual Campaigns

Tailored to meet your personal business needs. Similar to Joint Campaigns, our team of digital marketing experts will utilise a mixture of online marketing channels to acquire new customers. Campaigns are dedicated to you, meaning the enquiries are not shared with other care providers.

This campaign is ideal for new customer acquisition and branding, and is run for a calendar month at a fixed price. Both these campaigns use sophisticated geographic and treatment criteria to target customers

Accelerated Acquisition


Content Contribution

Provide your own content, get it published on our blog and have it attributed to your profile. If the content is a duplication of an existing article we will use canonical tags to tell search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. This will add value to, and protect, the original source.

Content should be informative and provide value to people looking for healthcare services and products.

Cost:  Free

Commissioned Content

Commissioned contents allow companies with limited time or resources to contribute to blogs and guides on our platform, and have it attributed to them.

By simply providing a topic or title, we can do the research and write the content. Once the content is reviewed, amended and approved it will be published.

Cost: £200 per 500 words

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