Eligibility criteria for the S2 scheme

You must be:

    • A UK resident Receiving treatment in the public sector
    • Able to prove the hospital of choice accepts S2
    • Provide a letter from your UK consultant
    • Provide a cost summary
    • confirm date for when treatment will take place

What is the S2 route and how does it work?

The S2 Scheme, formally referred to as E112, entitles UK and EU residents the opportunity to travel around Europe, the EEA region or Switzerland and receive medical treatment, funded by the patients country of residence, under certain conditions.

Care offered to travelling patient will be provided under the same conditions as for the residence of the host country. This will be in the form of level of care and payments.This could mean you may be required to pay a certain percentage of the overall cost for the treatment, this is usually under healthcare systems operating a co-payment charge.

What is co-payment?

In some countries patients are required to pay a co-payment charge. If the co-payment charge is 20% and the total cost of the treatment is €10,000 you will pay €2,000 and the remaining €8,000 will be paid by the state.

Having said that, You may be entitled to claim back the co-payment charge on your return home to the UK. To apply for a refund of the co-payment, you will need to contact the Overseas Healthcare Team on 0191 218 1999 or overseas.healthcare@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.

In counties where treatments are Free, 100% of the cost will be covered, requiring no upfront payment.

What treatments are available through S2?

The treatments you’re looking for abroad must also be available on the NHS, or your local healthcare system if you’re not a UK resident. Experimental and trial based treatments also won’t be covered.

How to apply for S2 Scheme

In order to receive an S2 form you will be required to first apply for funding prior to receiving your treatment abroad. Funding application available here.

Note: please double check the funding application you’re using is the most current version, outdated forms may be rejected. We do not guarantee our link to the form is the most current version.

Your local health department will evaluate your funding application and determine the outcome based on whether you meet the following criteria:

  • A NHS consultant has provided a written recommendation with an objective assessment to show that the treatment abroad will meet your needs
  • Justify the cost of going abroad for treatment
  • The treatment required is proved by the host country’s healthcare system
  • You are a UK resident and are entitled to care under the NHS.

If the application is approved and you are provided with a S2 form you can travel to your destination for treatment. You will need to provide the form to the host care provider.

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