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Skin rejuvenation explained

Skin rejuvenation can be achieved though non-surgically methods with the use of cosmetic laser treatments. IPL, or intense Pulsed Light, is one method used to reduce the appearance of a many skin problems.

Its normal for people to feel concerned about damage to their skin, whether this is due to aging or skin problems caused by sun damage, pigmentation, acne or some other skin condition. Fortunately, IPL and other forms of laser skin resurfacing treatments are available to restore the condition the skin.

Laser treatments work by removing layers of skin very precisely to allow new skin cells to grow back in place of what was removed. The new skin cells that form after the surface of the skin heals appear much tighter and more youthful than before.

Skin resurfacing is a very advanced skin rejuvenation procedure and is very popular precisely because of how effective it is at treating tough conditions like acne scarring, deep lines and wrinkles.

Who is the ideal candidate for skin rejuvenation treatment?

Begin by consulting a practitioner or dermatologist to find out if non-surgical cosmetic skin rejuvenation is suitable for you.

Generally, skin resurfacing, or rejuvenation can be carried out on most people that want it, to treat many different conditions. Typically, people choosing to have this treatment are experiencing the following issues:

  • Aging
  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage pigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Deep wrinkles

Cost of skin rejuvenation treatment

The cost of skin rejuvenation treatment will vary for each person. This is because the procedure can be carried out on many parts of the face and body. The area treated, the extent of the procedure and the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired result will impact the cost of your skin rejuvenation treatment.

To find out the cost of your treatment you’ll need to request a quote and get a consultation. Some clinics will offer a free consultation, but others may charge for this service. Following the consultation, or a conversation with a care provider, you should receive a full cost break down based on what you want to achieve. Be sure to fully assess the quote to see what is and isn’t included in the price so that there are no unwanted surprises later.

Limitations and safety concerns with skin rejuvenation treatments?

Skin resurfacing helps to rejuvenate and improve the condition of the skin, but it cannot deliver perfectly youthful skin.

Some of the potential risks with skin rejuvenation procedures include:

  • Burns due to heat from the laser
  • Scarring
  • Change in skin colour tone
  • Change to pigmentation and patchy skin
  • Reactivate cold sores and other similar conditions
  • Infection

Being safe and aware of risks associated with any medical or cosmetic treatment is important. Make sure you’re prepared for treatment by speaking to a specialist who can talk you through the procedure in more detail, going through risks and side effects, and helping to set realistic expectation about what can be achieved through non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment.

What to expect from your treatment provider?

Before having treatment, it is important to be well prepared by having a good understanding of what is involved in the procedure, and setting some expectations.

Your doctor or practitioner should carry out an assessment to see if this procedure is right for you and check if you have any conditions that could cause any complications. This will help to prevent any potential break outs that may occur due to the laser treatment.

Once you agree to have the treatment you should receive guidance from your doctor on how to prepare for your procedure. This may include being told to cut back on smoking and stop taking certain medication which could lead to complication.

What is involved in skin rejuvenation treatment?

The length of time the procedure takes depends on the extent of the procedure and the area being treated. Each treatment area can take 20-30 minutes for small areas, a full face can take around 2 hours to complete.

It is an out-patient treatment which means you’ll be ready to leave immediately after the procedure.

The treatment is fairly pain free, but there may be some tingling sensation for an hour after the procedure.

The procedure works by shining a beam of controlled light to specific parks of the skin. The beam damages the old skin which forces the body to create new skin to replace what was damaged. This is what removes wrinkles and blemishes from the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance.

Following the procedure, the treated area will be bandaged. You may also notice some swelling which will go away quickly.

After skin rejuvenation and recovery

You’ll be able to leave the clinic immediately after your treatment and you should be fine to go on with your normal daily activities. You may experience some redness, for an hour or so, and some swelling which should subside shortly after treatment.

What if something goes wrong?

If, after the procedure, you feel you have encountered a serious problem and the results are not what you expected, reach out to your doctor or practitioner.

Contact the clinic that performed the procedure and explain the situation, especially if you’re experiencing discomfort or any unusual symptoms that were not explained to you during the consultation.

Things to consider before your skin rejuvenation treatment

Opting for any form of cosmetic treatment requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. You need to really understand the reasons for choosing the procedure you want and set realistic expectations of the outcome.

Once your mind is made up, are you confident that you are fully prepared for the treatment?

Here are some things you should think about:

  • How many sessions do you need to achieve the result you want?
  • How long is the recovery time for your treatment?
  • Do you need time off work?
  • When will you start to see the results you expect?
  • How to maintain the results of your treatment?
  • When will you fully recover and resume your usual activity?
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You may or may not be ready for skin rejuvenation treatment, but it’s never too soon to reach out to a clinic or hospital, or a doctor, to start a conversation. A major part of your research into the procedure you’re looking for should include direct communication, and a consultation, with an expert. Feel free to contact multiple care providers and experts. The more information you gather about your procedure and surgeon the better decision you’re likely to make.

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Compare Non-Surgical & Aesthetic Treatments

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Browse our database of hand picked healthcare providers based in the UK and abroad or contact us to request a quote and compare service providers.

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