What are the various types of acne treatments?

Acne is a very common condition, so much so that 80 to 90% of the general population has been affect by it at various stages of their life. You could have the young or adolescent on set acne or the adult on set acne, and also you can get acne for varies other medication or other disease associated acne.

The treatments are variable. Usually the general practitioners will give antibiotics, some character lighting agents like benzoyl peroxide and for young girls, adolescent girls we can use a type of pill, or contraceptive pill, for hormone modification. Beyond that GP will probably refer these patients who not being adequately treated to the hospital.

There are other forms of treatment like lasers UK therapy and of course we can go for the Aminosalicylic acid or we call it PDT, photodynamic therapy. Put all this together there are wide range of treatment we can do for acne. At our clinic we concentrate on isotretinoin preparations, laser, UV therapy and sometime the photodynamic therapy or PDT.

What treatments do you provide for Acne?

For acne we provide various types of treatment. We start with the normal acid peels salicylic acid peel and the we move on to the laser therapy, UV therapy, particularly the clear light and also the lustre. They are primarily UV therapies and for very very serious forms of acne we often will use ALA or the minor level Inuk acid induced photodynamic therapy.

Chemical peel treatment

Chemical peels can be used to treat some forms of acne and scarring. Depending on the outcome you want to achieve, there are three types of chemical peel, superficial, medium and deep. To establish the best method, you’ll need to speak to a specialist who can assess your needs and recommend the ideal skin treatment.

There are certain types of skin which may not be suitable for chemical peels. Generally, chemical peels are better suited for fair-skinned patients. If you have darker sink, you may also achieve good results but there is more risk of uneven skin tone after the procedure is carried out.

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